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Traditional food safety dating systems depend on the operator to calculate and hand-write or dial-in the correct expiration date, inherently creating safety risk and compliance issues. Using blank label sheets to print retail labels in-house involves significant administrative work to keep a stock of printed labels available for later use and generates waste. PC connected solutions require knowing how to operate specialized software and staff is forced to leave their work area to print labels.


FreshDate features a stand-alone label printer with integrated touchscreen and memory to store a database of food items. Easy to use and built for the harsh kitchen environment, it can be shelf, table or wall-mounted where all staff can use to print labels as-needed by simply touching a food item on the screen and number of labels to print. Comes with different label formats that print USE BY dates, Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, Allergens and more.

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  • The FreshDate labeling system provides accurate data for staff to assure proper labeling and dating, regulatory compliance, food safety and quality of food is being met. Simple to program and easy for staff to use, it takes the guess out of labeling and dating products accurately. I highly recommend this system to any operator looking to assure accuracy and compliance is achieved.

    Mike Helwig, North Hills Hospital, Richland TX

  • The FreshDate labeling system has streamlined our labeling & dating process – press a few buttons and you’re done. It’s a flexible and cost effective solution for a problem every establishment has. It has been invaluable in helping us promote our nutritional information as well.

    Todd Kaminsky, Overlook Medical Center, Summit NJ

  • The FreshDate labeling system is easy to use and the label information has contributed to our institutions enhanced focus on nutrition, wellness, and ingredient content of the food we serve. I would recommend this system to any other institution looking to implement such a food labeling initiative.

    Anibal Rivera, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx NY


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2014 AHF Conference

On behalf of the entire FreshDate team, I’d like to thank everyone at AHF for putting together a fantastic Conference. It is always a pleasure to spend time with our customers,

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