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Consistently deliver complete, accurate and legible information.

FreshDate features a smart label printer with an integrated color touchscreen that guides the user. With just a few taps you can produce labels that are more legible and informative than those produced by label guns and faster than using a computer. All information is stored in memory and dates are automatically calculated, eliminating human error and increasing safety and compliance.



Computrition-FreshDate Integration in Beta

The integration between our FreshDate Labeling System and Computrition Hospitality Suite is now available for beta testing.

While items can easily be managed directly on the FreshDate printer ‘s touchscreen, from a PC or mobile device, this integration allows Computrition users to produce Grab ‘ N Go labels on FreshDate using data directly from Hospitality Suite.

The benefits of using FreshDate are clear:

All staff can easily print labels as-needed; no

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